Apache Kafka + Kafka Streams + Mesos / DCOS = Scalable Microservices

I had a talk at MesosCon 2017 Europe in Prague about building highly scalable, mission-critical microservices with Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams and Apache Mesos / DCOS. I would like to share the slides and a video recording of the live demo.


Microservices establish many benefits like agile, flexible development and deployment of business logic. However, a Microservice architecture also creates many new challenges. This includes increased communication between distributed instances, the need for orchestration, new fail-over requirements, and resiliency design patterns.

This session discusses how to build a highly scalable, performant, mission-critical microservice infrastructure with Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams and Apache Mesos respectively DC/OS. Apache Kafka brokers are used as powerful, scalable, distributed message backbone. Kafkaโ€™s Streams API allows to embed stream processing directly into any external microservice or business application. Without the need for a dedicated streaming cluster. Apache Mesos can be used as scalable infrastructure for both, the Apache Kafka brokers and external applications using the Kafka Streams API, to leverage the benefits of a cloud native platforms like service discovery, health checks, or fail-over management.

A live demo shows how to develop real time applications for your core business with Kafka messaging brokers and Kafka Streams API. You see how to deploy / manage / scale them on a DC/OS cluster using different deployment options.

Key takeaways

  • Successful microservice architectures require a highly scalable messaging infrastructure combined with a cloud-native platform which manages distributed microservices
  • Apache Kafka offers a highly scalable, mission critical infrastructure for distributed messaging and integration
  • Kafkaโ€™s Streams API allows to embed stream processing into any external application or microservice
  • Mesos respectively DC/OS allow management of both, Kafka brokers and external applications using Kafka Streams API, to leverage many built-in benefits like health checks, service discovery or fail-over control of microservices
  • See a live demo which combines the Apache Kafka streaming platform and DC/OS

Architecture: Kafka Brokers + Kafka Streams on Kubernetes and DC/OS

The following picture shows the architecture. You can either run Kafka Brokers and Kafka Streams microservices natively on DC/OS via Marathon or leverage Kubernetes as Docker container orchestration tool (which is also supported my Mesosphere in the meantime).


Architecture - Kafka Streams, Kubernetes and Mesos / DCOS


Here are the slides from my talk:

Apache Kafka + Apache Mesos + Kafka Streams – Highly Scalable Streaming Microservices from Kai Wรคhner

Live Demo

The following video shows the live demo. It is built on AWS using Mesosphere’s Cloud Formation script to setup a DC/OS cluster in ten minutes.

Here, I deployed both – Kafka brokers and Kafka Streams microservices – directly to DC/OS without leveraging Kubernetes. I expect to see many people continue to deploy Kafka brokers directly on DC/OS. For microservices many teams might move to the following stack: Microservice –> Docker –> Kubernetes –> DC/OS.

Do you also use Apache Mesos respectively DC/OS to run Kafka? Only the brokers or also Kafka clients (producers, consumers, Streams, Connect, KSQL, etc)? Or do you prefer another tool like Kubernetes (maybe on DC/OS)?


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