Slides online: “Big Data beyond Apache Hadoop – How to Integrate ALL your Data” – JavaOne 2013

Posted in EAI on September 25th, 2013 by Kai Wähner

Slides from my session “Big Data beyond Apache Hadoop – How to Integrate ALL your Data” at JavaOne 2013 in San Francisco are online.


Big data represents a significant paradigm shift in enterprise technology. Big data radically changes the nature of the data management profession as it introduces new concerns about the volume, velocity and variety of corporate data.

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iPad @ Work: 10 Reasons why the iPad is a great help for me

Posted in Uncategorized on July 18th, 2010 by Kai Wähner

iPad @ Work: 10 Reasons why that’s awesome

I use an iPad at work and I love it. The following shows my experiences.

Why the hell do you need an iPad at work?

The big question many of my buddies and colleagues ask me: What can you do at work with your iPad? Does it make any sense? Or do you just need it to be a fashionably, cool guy with a nice gadget?

The iPad has so many disadvantages

Everybody talks about the bad points of the iPad:
– no flash player
– no directory system and file support
– no printing
– restrictions for developers (keyword: AppStore)
– no %&§§& whatever &§%&

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