Microservices = Death of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)? – Slide Deck and Video Recording

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[UPDATE June 2016: Please also read this updated article about Microservices, Containers and Cloud-Native Architecture for Middleware]

In 2015, the middleware world focuses on two buzzwords: Docker and Microservices. Software vendors still sell products such as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or Complex Event Processing (CEP) engines. How is this related?

Docker is a fascinating technology to deploy and distribute modules (middleware, applications, services) quickly and easily. Most people agree that Docker will change the future of software development in the next years. I will do another blog post about how Docker is related to TIBCO and how you can deploy and distribute Microservices with Docker and TIBCO products such as TIBCO EMS and BusinessWorks 6 easily.

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Progress Report: „Atlassian Unite 2012 London“ (Confluence JIRA et al)

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Today, I was at the “Atlassian Unite 2012 London”, a one-day event of Atlassian (http://www.atlassian.com/company/about/events/unite/2012). As the slogan says “Atlassian Users of Europe, Unite!”, it was a community event for users of Atlassian products. I guess about 200 people attended. Two other events will follow in Paris and Frankfurt.

The Company

Atlassian is a software company based in Sydney, Australia which makes software targeted for software developers. Atlassian’s best known products are JIRA (bug tracking) and Confluence (Wiki). Besides, Bamboo (continuous integration) and Crowd (Web Single-Sign On) are used often.

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