Slides online: How to create intelligent Business Processes thanks to Big Data (BPM, Apache Hadoop, Talend, Open Source)

Posted in BPM on June 13th, 2013 by Kai Wähner

I had a talk at EAM / BPM conference in London about “How to create intelligent Business Processes thanks to Big Data“. I just want to share the slides with you.


BPM is established, tools are stable, many companies use it successfully. However, today’s business processes are based on data from relational databases or web services. Humans make decisions due to this information. Companies also use business intelligence and other tools to analyze their data.  Though, business processes are executed without access to this important information because technical challenges occur when trying to integrate big masses of data from many different sources into the BPM engine. Additionally, bad data quality due to duplication, incompleteness and inconsistency prevents humans from making good decisions. That is status quo. Companies miss a huge opportunity here!

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