What is the TCO difference between IBM WebSphere and Open Source JBoss? – Just my two cents…

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Disclaimer: I work for an “open source company”. The following is my personal opinion!

Great Article: “What is the TCO difference between WebSphere and JBoss?”

I have spotted a really great article about comparing prices of open source and proprietary products: “What is the TCO difference between WebSphere and JBoss?“. The interesting aspect is, that this article is written by an IBM-biased company (Prolifics). Usually, only open source vendors write such comparisons. I really like this article, seriously! It is good to see comparisons not only by open source vendors, but also by vendors such as IBM (in this case, Prolifics cannot be considered unbiased, it is an IBM consulting company – but that is fine). I just want to give my two cents to this article in the following…

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Notes from the „FUSE Community Day 2010“ in Frankfurt (about SOA, Apache Camel, Active MQ, Service Mix ESB)

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“FUSE Community Day 2010“ in Frankfurt

On May 25th 2010, I attended the „FUSE Community Day 2010“ in Frankfurt, Germany. That is a free one day conference, where some important open source projects of Apache are presented by Fuse – a company which offers commercial support for versions based on these products.

Which products were presented?

FUSE presented especially the following three products:

–       Camel: A lightweight framework which implements the common Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP).

–       Active MQ: A message queuing software.

–       Service Mix. An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), which uses for instance Camel and Active MQ.

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