Micro Services Architecture = Death of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)?

Posted in API Management, Cloud, EAI, ESB, In Memory, Java / JEE on January 8th, 2015 by Kai Wähner

These days, it seems like everybody is talking about microservices. You can read a lot about it in hundreds of articles and blog posts, but my recommended starting point would be this article by Martin Fowler, which initiated the huge discussion about this new architectural concept. This article is about the challenges, requirements and best practices for creating a good microservices architecture, and what role an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) plays in this game.

Branding and Marketing: EAI vs. SOA vs. ESB vs. Microservices

Let’s begin with a little bit of history about Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Service Bus to find out why microservices have become so trendy.

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Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) Revisited in 2014

Posted in EAI, ESB, SOA on July 17th, 2014 by Kai Wähner

Today, I had a talk about “Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) Revisited in 2014” at Java Forum Stuttgart 2014, a great conference for developers and architects with 1600 attendees.

Enterprise Integration Patterns

Data exchanges between companies increase a lot. Hence, the number of applications which must be integrated increases, too. The emergence of service-oriented architectures and cloud computing boost this even more. The realization of these integration scenarios is a complex and time-consuming task because different applications and services do not use the same concepts, interfaces, data formats and technologies.

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Evaluation of the Product SOAtest (Parasoft) to test your SOA

Posted in Java / JEE, SOA on March 12th, 2011 by Kai Wähner

In the last few days, I had to evaluate the product SOAtest (Parasoft). SOAtest is an Eclipse-based testing tool, which supports most important technologies and vendors to test your Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) technically.

What is SOAtest?

SOAtest is a tool to realize integration tests for your Service-orientied Architecture. It is Eclipse-based, therefore a developer can easily start with the product. You create most tests using the Eclipse-GUI, configure your specific tests (e.g. queue managers or database connections) and define the behaviour of the tests. The tests can also be integrated in your build server or test tools such as HP Quality Center.

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First-hand Report about the Certification „SOA Certified Professional“ (SOACP) of soaschool.com

Posted in Cloud, IT Certifications, SOA on February 1st, 2011 by Kai Wähner

This article is a first-hand report about preparing for the SOACP certification and passing the exam. I decided to do this certification after I met Thomas Erl at the SOA Symposium 2010 in Berlin, Germany (see this older blog). I will tell you, why I like this certification and why (in my opinion) it makes a lot of sense. But I will also criticize some small details.

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Bad Idea: A Keynote at SOA / Cloud Symposium 2010 in Berlin as Skype Call

Posted in Cloud, IT Conferences, SOA on October 6th, 2010 by Kai Wähner

Bad Idea: A Keynote at SOA / Cloud Symposium 2010 in Berlin as Skype Call ?!

In October 2010, I was at the IT conference „SOA / Cloud Symposium 2010“. I really liked the conference as I stated in another blog entry (http://www.kai-waehner.de/blog/2010/10/06/soa-cloud-symposium-2010-in-berlin/). But one concern really upset me…

What is a good keynote?

I really enjoyed the very good keynote of Christian Klezl (Vice President and Cloud Leader  of IBM Northeast Europe). This keynote contained everything I expect from a keynote: Good slides, good body language, interesting information, and a structured presentation which never becomes boring. Good job!

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Report: SOA / Cloud Symposium 2010 in Berlin

Posted in Cloud, IT Conferences, SOA on October 6th, 2010 by Kai Wähner

SOA / Cloud Symposium 2010 in Berlin

I was at the SOA / Cloud Symposium (5th and 6th October 2010) in Berlin, Germany. As the name already states: The two main topics were SOA and Cloud. This IT conference is the most important vendor-independant confernce regarding these topics. Business drivers for SOA, concepts, design patterns, use case studies and best pracitices were presented by well known, world wide SOA experts.

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SOA / Cloud Certification of „soaschool.com“ (SOACP) by Thomas Erl or Sun / Oracle Java Enterprise (JEE) Certification?

Posted in Cloud, IT Certifications, Java / JEE, SOA on October 5th, 2010 by Kai Wähner

SOA / Cloud Certification of „soaschool.com“ (SOACP) by Thomas Erl or Sun / Oracle Java Enterprise (JEE) Certification?

Which one should I do?

What IT certification should I do next? This is what I wondered within the last weeks, after I passed the SCJP 6 successfully some months ago. I surfed the internet a lot to find information about possible IT certifications.

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