Java / JVM – When to use Multicast (e.g. Tibco Rendevous) instead of Point-to-Point Messaging (JMS Implementations)

Posted in EAI, Java / JEE, SOA on May 18th, 2011 by Kai Wähner

Several solutions are available in the Java / JVM environment for messaging. All have in common that they exist for many years and still do its job in mission critical systems: Sending remote messages fast and reliable. There exist two different concepts which compete against each other for enterprise messaging solutions.  This article describes and compares Point-to-Point (diverse JMS implementations) and Multicast (e.g. Tibco Rendevous) messaging  to answer the question when to use which one. Although both solutions are available for many years now, this question is still very important – also for new software!

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Notes from the „FUSE Community Day 2010“ in Frankfurt (about SOA, Apache Camel, Active MQ, Service Mix ESB)

Posted in ESB, IT Conferences, Java / JEE, SOA on May 26th, 2010 by Kai Wähner

“FUSE Community Day 2010“ in Frankfurt

On May 25th 2010, I attended the „FUSE Community Day 2010“ in Frankfurt, Germany. That is a free one day conference, where some important open source projects of Apache are presented by Fuse – a company which offers commercial support for versions based on these products.

Which products were presented?

FUSE presented especially the following three products:

–       Camel: A lightweight framework which implements the common Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP).

–       Active MQ: A message queuing software.

–       Service Mix. An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), which uses for instance Camel and Active MQ.

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