iPad @ Work: 10 Reasons why the iPad is a great help for me

Posted in Uncategorized on July 18th, 2010 by Kai Wähner

iPad @ Work: 10 Reasons why that’s awesome

I use an iPad at work and I love it. The following shows my experiences.

Why the hell do you need an iPad at work?

The big question many of my buddies and colleagues ask me: What can you do at work with your iPad? Does it make any sense? Or do you just need it to be a fashionably, cool guy with a nice gadget?

The iPad has so many disadvantages

Everybody talks about the bad points of the iPad:
– no flash player
– no directory system and file support
– no printing
– restrictions for developers (keyword: AppStore)
– no %&§§& whatever &§%&

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