• Data in Motion Tour EMEA (Utrecht, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Paris, Milan, Dubai and Stockholm): Apache Kafka Re-Engineering for the Cloud
  • Kafka Meetup Munich – Industrial IoT Roundtable with Car Manufacturer Michelin
  • Current (San Jose) – The Trinity of Real-Time Analytics: Apache Kafka, Flink and Druid
  • Kafka Summit (London) – Pushing Apache Kafka to the Limits
  • Data in Motion Tour Vienna – The Data Streaming Journey over the Years from the First POC to Global Scale
  • Data in Motion Tour Sydney – Apache Kafka re-architected for the Cloud
  • Data in Motion Tour Melbourne – Cloud-native Stream Processing with Kafka and Flink
  • Open Data Source Conference (ODSC) Europe (London) – Real-Time Machine Learning Without a Data Lake
  • FinTech Meetup New York – Data Streaming for Fraud Prevention
  • Data in Motion Tour Chicago – Data Streaming is NOT a Race; it is a Journey
  • Kafka Meetup Tel Aviv – The Heard of the Data Mesh Beats Real-Time
  • OOP 2023 – Top 5 Use Cases and Architectures for Data Streaming in 2023