“Present, past and future of NoSQL, Big Data and Hadoop” – Speaker Interview with Kai Wähner at NoSQL Roadshow

Just a short blog post with a link to an interview which I gave for NoSQL Roadshow 2013 in Zurich. I talk about present, past and future of NoSQL…

Here is the link to the NoSQL interview: http://nosqlroadshow.com/nosql-zurich-2013/interviewkai

I appreciate every feedback or discussions via @KaiWaehner, konktakt@kai-waehner.de, or social networks (LinkedIn, Xing).

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  1. These days The technology consider best based on number of people know it. In this point NoSQL take time to beat SQL based technologies. Who know what will happen there may be a new technology coming which is better than these. 😈

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