Blockchain, Integration, Streaming Analytics, Ethereum, Hyperledger

Blockchain, Integration, Streaming Analytics, Ethereum, Hyperledger => Why blockchain is the next big thing for middleware and analytics.

In the fast few weeks, I have published a few articles, slide decks and videos around Blockchain, Middleware, Integration, Streaming Analytics, Ethereum, Hyperledger. I want to share the links here…

Blockchain – The Next Big Thing for Middleware

InfoQ article: “Blockchain – The Next Big Thing for Middleware”

Key takeaways:

  • Blockchain is not just for Bitcoin
  • A blockchain is a protocol and ledger for building an immutable historical record of transactions
  • There is no new technology behind blockchain, just established components combined in a new way
  • Middleware is key for success to integrate blockchain with the rest of an enterprise architecture
  • Setting up your own blockchain is a complex process; Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) can allow faster adoption

Here is a video recording which summarizes why Blockchain is the Next Big Thing for Middleware.

Blockchain + Streaming Analytics = Smart Distributed Applications

Blog post at blockchainers: “Blockchain + Streaming Analytics = Smart Distributed Applications”

We are approaching Blockchain 3.0 these days. You ask “3.0”? Seriously? Blockchain is still in the early adoption phase! Yes, that is true. Nevertheless, while we are moving forward to real world use cases in various industries, we see that you need more than just a blockchain infrastructure. You need to build decentralized applications. These include blockchains, smart contracts plus other applications plus integration and analytics on top of these solutions. This articles shows how to leverage Streaming Analytics in combination with blockchain platforms like Hyperledger or Ethereum.

You can also take a look at the video recording about “Streaming Analytics with TIBCO StreamBase and Ethereum Blockchain“.

Upcoming Content for Blockchain,  Middleware and Big Data Analytics

Right now, we are working on other very interesting blockchain content, for example:

Stay tuned for more interesting blockchain content…


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