IoT Integration with Kafka Connect, REST / HTTP, MQTT, OPC-UA – Lightboard Video

I just want to share my lightboard video recording. I talk about IoT integration and processing with Apache Kafka using Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams, KSQL, REST / HTTP,  MQTT and OPC-UA. Use cases, alternative architectures and different integration options are discussed on whiteboard.

End-to-End IoT Integration from Edge to Confluent Cloud

In this lightboard, Confluent’s Kai Waehner (Technology Evangelist) and Konstantin Karantasis (Software Engineer) discuss use cases leveraging the Apache Kafka open source ecosystem as a streaming platform to process IoT data. The session shows architectural alternatives of how devices like cars, machines or mobile devices connect to Apache Kafka via IoT standards like MQTT or OPC-UA.

Learn how to analyze the IoT data either natively on Apache Kafka with Kafka Streams / KSQL or other tools leveraging Kafka Connect. Kai Waehner will also discuss the benefits of Confluent Cloud and other tools like Confluent Replicator or MQTT Proxy to build bidirectional real time integration from the edge to the cloud.

This presentation may help you:

  • Understand end-to-end use cases from different industries where you integrate IoT devices with enterprise IT using open source technologies and standards
  • See how Apache Kafka enables bidirectional end-to-end integration processing from IoT data to various backend applications in the cloud
  • Compare different architectural alternatives and see their benefits and caveats
  • Learn about various standards, APIs and tools of integrating and processing IoT data with different open source components of the Apache Kafka ecosystem
  • Understand the benefits of Confluent Cloud, which provides a highly available and scalable Apache Kafka ecosystem as a managed service

IoT Edge to Confluent Cloud

Here is the video recording:


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Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Integration between Kafka and Siemens S7, Modbus, Beckhoff ADS, OPC-UA using PLC4X

Stay tuned for a dedicated blog post, slide deck and video recording about a core them in IoT space: Integration with Industrial IoT (IIoT). I will talk about integration between Apache Kafka and technologies / proprietary standards from automation industry. I will discuss how to integrate with proprietary protocols like Siemens S7, Modbus, Beckhoff ADS, OPC-UA, etc. leveraging the Kafka Connect connector for PLC4X.  This content is in the works these days and I will probably publish it in August or September 2019.

IoT Integration Streaming Platform using Apache Kafka, Connect, MQTT, OPC-UA, PLC4X






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