Big Data Spain: Talk about KSQL – The Streaming SQL Engine for Apache Kafka

KSQL – The Open Source Streaming SQL Engine for Apache Kafka => Slides from my talk at Big Data Spain 2018 are online. Check it out!

In November 2018, I was back in Madrid to speak at Big Data Spain. A great event all about big data, analytics and machine learning. One of the largest tech companies in Spain. A perfect event to talk about KSQL – The Streaming SQL Engine for Apache Kafka.

Big Data Spain is held in Kinepolis, a big cinema. One of my favorite locations for a tech conference – for speakers and audience.

All talks at Big Data Spain are recorded. Video recording and slides below.

KSQL – The Open Source SQL Streaming Engine for Apache Kafka

My talk was an update about KSQL. The slide deck describes various different use cases for KSQL. I also included some advanced topics such as User Defined Functions (UDF). Here is the abstract:

The rapidly expanding world of stream processing can be daunting, with new concepts such as various types of time semantics, windowed aggregates, changelogs, and programming frameworks to master.
KSQL is an open-source, Apache 2.0 licensed streaming SQL engine on top of Apache Kafka which aims to simplify all this and make stream processing available to everyone. Even though it is simple to use, KSQL is built for mission-critical and scalable production deployments (using Kafka Streams under the hood).
Benefits of using KSQL include: No coding required; no additional analytics cluster needed; streams and tables as first-class constructs; access to the rich Kafka ecosystem. This session introduces the concepts and architecture of KSQL. Use cases such as Streaming ETL, Real Time Stream Monitoring or Anomaly Detection are discussed. A live demo shows how to setup and use KSQL quickly and easily on top of your Kafka ecosystem.

Key takeaways:

– KSQL includes access to the rich Apache Kafka ecosystem and is suitable for various use cases, including Streaming ETL, Real Time Stream Monitoring and Anomaly Detection

– KSQL allows to realize stream processing without coding and without additional analytics cluster

Slide Deck: KSQL Introduction

Here is the slide deck:

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Video Recording: Intro to KSQL

Here is the video recording from my talk:


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