Systems Integration in the Cloud Era – API vs. Integration Framework vs. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Today, I was at the SOA CLOUD Service Technology Symposium 2012 in London ( Believing the organisors, it is „the World’s Largest Conference Dedicated to SOA, Cloud Computing & Service Technology“.

I was at this conference for the second time. Two year ago, the conference took place in Berlin. Unfortunately, the venue was awful this time. It was uncomfortable, no seats / tables available, and the rooms for the sessions were tough to find. Nevertheless, it was an awesome international conference with plenty of good content regarding SOA and Cloud Computing.

My talk was about systems integration in the cloud era. I showed several different alternatives for integrating cloud services, especially generic APIs such as jclouds, integration frameworks such as Apache Camel, and Enterprise Service Bus solutions such as Talend ESB. I also explained when to use which alternative.


Here are the slides:

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I am really looking forward to the next SOA CLOUD Symposium…


Best regards,

Kai Wähner (Twitter: @KaiWaehner)


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