Kai Wähner - Technical Lead / International Presales

Welcome to my website. My name is Kai Wähner. I live near Erlangen, Germany and work as Technical Lead / International Presales for Tibco - a leading provider of integration middleware.


My main area of expertise lies within the fields of Data Integration, Application Integration, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Cloud Computing, Business Process Management (BPM), Data Quality, Big Data (especially Hadoop), Complex Event Processing (CEP), Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics and Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM). I am a Sun Certified Java Developer (SCJP) and Certified SOA Professional (SOACP).

I design IT architectures and realize software applications.
Besides realizing proof of concepts for (potential) customers, another interesting part of my job is requirements engineering and strategic IT management topics such as Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM). I also evaluate new technologies and products such as modern JVM programming languages (e.g. Groovy, Scala, Clojure), web-frameworks (e.g. Grails, Lift, Vaadin) and cloud computing solutions (e.g. Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, Cloud Foundry, OpenShift). Besides working as presales consultant for prospects and customers, I am a frequent speaker and coach at well-known national and international IT conferences (e.g. JavaOne, Jazoon, SOA CLOUD Symposium, OOP, ApacheCon). I write articles for professional journals (e.g. InfoQ, No Fluff Just Stuff, JavaMagazin, JavaSpektrum, iX, heise developer) and I am a MVP (Most Valuable Blogger) at DZone.com. I also share my experiences with new technologies, IT conferences and certifications on my blog. I would like to get feedback from you (see my contact information below).



Some of my articles published in magazines and on web sites for IT experts:



Sessions at IT conferences and other events




Finally, I feel honored to be a MVB (Most Valuable Blogger) at the JAVALOBBY of DZone


Many of these articles are also published at Java Code Geeks, as I am a member of the Java Code Geeks (JCG) Program, too.

Java Code Geeks

Here are some of my published articles (no complete list):


The main reason for this website is my blog, which you can find at the following link:

Blog about Java / Java EE Technologies, SOA, and Cloud Computing

I love to play around with new technologies. Therefore, I often download non-production-ready releases of new frameworks and try out new programming languages. I have got a lot of fun to learn new stuff, talk and discuss with other experts, and to coach other guys by doing workshops and courses.
I created this blog to report about my experiences with Java EE technologies, SOA, ESBs, Cloud Computing, Big Data solutions, IT conferences, IT certifications, and other stuff.

Besides technology stuff, there is another important reason for my blog: Unfortunately, almost no vendor-independent information can be found about IT conferences and IT certifications - but you have to pay a lot of money for visiting a conference or doing a certification. So, in the future I will write a blog entry, whenever I do a further education. I will report about conferences such as Jazoon, Java Symposium, JBossWorld, ApacheCon, QCon, and so on - I visit at least three or four conferences each year (as attendee, as speaker and for offering workshops). I will also report about certifications while preparing for them, such as Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), soaschool.com SOA certifications (SOACP) or PMI in the future.

I hope other guys will post their experiences as "comment" in this blog or in their own blogs, too. Let us share some information! Thus, we can be sure not to spend our budget for further education the wrong way.

Besides, I will post my experiences when I use a new technology in a project, read a new released technical book or if I gain some other IT experiences which are not available already in the world wide web.

Now enjoy my blog or contact me using the below contact information.
Best regards, Kai.

Contact Information

Some more contact information:

         - Twitter: @KaiWaehner