Voxxed Article: Microservices, Containers and Cloud-Native Architectures for Middleware

I wanna refer to a new article published today at Voxxed: “Microservices, Containers and Cloud-Native Architectures for Middleware“. Here is the summary:

Summary of the Article

The IT world is moving forward fast. I wrote about Microservices and whether that spells the death of the Enterprise Service Bus and other middleware a year ago. This article is a โ€œfollow-upโ€ and update to discuss how relevant microservices, containers and a cloud-native architecture is for middleware. It is unbelievable how fast enterprises of all sizes are moving forward with these topics!

Today, in Juneย 2016, many enterprises have already adopted containers and cloud-native architectures or are adopting them. This topic is also getting more and more relevant for middleware vendors. Therefore, letโ€™s do an update about the status quo of microservices, containers and cloud-native architectures in the middleware world.

Key takeaways of this article:

  • A cloud-native architecture enables flexible and agile development, deployment and operations of all kinds of software
  • Modern middleware leverages containers, microservices and a cloud-native architecture
  • Packaging and isolation in containers is not enough, there are many more concepts to understand and leverage

Link to the Article at Voxxed:

Please click the link to read the full article: “Microservices, Containers and Cloud-Native Architectures for Middleware

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